Workers in every industry need to build a network of professional contacts that can lead to opportunities for work and collaboration, but construction managers can benefit more than most from using online networking tools like Twitter. Many construction companies, management and staffing firms, manufacturers, and others in the business use Twitter to share their latest happenings including company acquisitions, product rollouts, and new contracts. Twitter can be a great tool for both networking and market research in the construction management field.

This list is organized in generally applicable categories and ordered by the number of followers each Twitter account has at the moment, with a few exceptions for industry leaders, and the understanding that Twitter accounts are always evolving and increasing their numbers. This is not a ranking, but a comprehensive collection of useful Twitter accounts across the full spectrum of construction management companies, experts, and publications.

    Management Firms & Professionals

    Construction management professionals are responsible for the planning and oversight of construction projects from start to finish. Many construction management firms, consultants, and professionals use Twitter to share info about their successes, availability, and general industry news.

  1. @RigginsConst

    Riggins Construction & Management, Inc.

    Riggins Construction & Management is based in Orange County and they’re a design-build contractor that has been around since 1977. Their twitter feed keeps them up to date with a number of companies and individuals and is obviously updated significantly.

  2. @GilbaneBuilding

    Gilbane Building Co

    As a national construction management firm, Gilbane Building Co is uniquely situated to analyze situations and develop solutions in the realms of healthcare, education, and many other areas. They tweet interesting news articles on restoration projects and interesting developments they see coming to the forefront of the field.

  3. @ConstruxSolutns

    Construx Solutions

    Construx Solutions works to optimize construction projects and analysis, while also handling project management and risk advisory. They often engage in demos and ways to improve business flow.

  4. @hardhathub

    Hard Hat Hub

    The Hard Hat Hub is helping give others access to top quality resources for staffing construction and engineering positions. By connecting qualified individuals from across the field, it best situates the entire profession to function more efficiently.

  5. @Shawmut_Builds

    Shawmut Design and Construction

    Shawmut Design and Construction has offices in some of the biggest markets in the country, so is incredibly equipped to tackle even the largest project. It’s great to see how they utilize their Twitter feed to show how they’re handling outreach events and the projects they’re working on.

  6. @TishmanBuilds

    Tishman Construction

    Tishman Construction is one of most notable construction companies in America and a part of AECOM, one of the largest companies in the world, employing over 45,000 people. This gives Tishman Construction a great advantage in providing the best services possible to its clients.

  7. @SameDayDecks

    D-Mac Industries

    D-Mac Industries does a great job of providing advice and input on various construction projects and they often retweet useful information from viable construction resources. Additionally, they’re a great source for steel decks that are applicable in many situations.

  8. @ChiConstruction


    ChiConstructionWorks is Chicago-based and takes on some of the most adventurous projects as a design build firm. Kevin Bachman runs the company and their tweets offer interesting content for construction and design aficionados.

  9. @WorkingBldgs


    WorkingBuildings helps to make construction projects more efficient by creating useful solutions that increase sustainability, productivity of operations, and maintenance. Tweets often provide commentary on green technology, sustainability, profit, and more.

  10. @dexterchaney

    Dexter + Chaney

    Dexter + Chaney is a construction software company that works with thousands of contractors to implement easier processes for construction. Their tweets have interesting facts about the development of construction in recent years and how to go about improving standards.

  11. @GrahamConstCo

    Graham Construction Company

    Graham Construction is a useful page to check out for getting information on construction projects from an owner’s point of view. Tweets talk about construction updates and what can be done to ensure the most efficient projects.

  12. @ChapmanConst

    Chapman Construction

    Chapman Construction is based in Newton, Massachusetts and they are construction managers that delve heavily into sustainability issues. By offering consulting and education services, they’re able to help optimize building performance in a number of ways.

  13. @_Brian_Clark

    Brian Clark

    Brian Clark uses his experience as a Construction Project Manager to make a worthwhile Twitter account good for piecing together how the industry is transforming. He often posts news articles that make useful pieces for further developing a repertoire needed to succeed in construction.

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    Contractors & Consultants

    Individual contractors and consultants can be hired to manage various aspects of a project, and often a management firm will call upon outside experts to take care of unforeseen needs.

  15. @buildingsource

    Karen Davis Burton

    Karen Davis Burton works for Building Source, a company specializing in helping businesses in the building industry promote the company and foster the relationships needed to grow. She uses a variety of tactics to help a building company demonstrate their excellence.

  16. @GreenBuildTalk

    Green City Builder

    Green City Builder is an innovative construction company that works to not sacrifice quality when improving efficiency with green technologies. They do a great job at helping residential and commercial enterprises alike to become greener.

  17. @HibbsHomes

    Hibbs Homes

    Hibbs Homes is based in St. Louis and they create custom homes and are certified green professionals. The Twitter posts convey all the ways they’re actively working on improving building conditions and job sites.

  18. @PJHMArchitects

    PJHM Architects

    Based in Orange County and San Diego, PJHM Architects is a California based interdisciplinary architecture and research firm specializing in educational and civic projects. They’ve designed high schools, pools, theater, and more, all in stunning detail.

  19. @StephenBolling

    Stephen Bolling

    Stephen Bolling runs Regenerative Homes™, a site devoted to green living, sustainable design, and even holistic health. His tweets are relevant and interesting, while providing useful insight into the industry.

  20. @paulmknally

    Paul McNally Ecologival Architecture MRIAI

    Paul McNally is an architect that works to create low energy buildings called “Passive Houses” and is even a Certified Passive House Designer from the PassivHaus Institut in Germany and an accredited Project Supervisor Design Process. He’s also responsible for the first Certified PassivHaus Pharmacy in Ireland.

  21. @CamosyConstruct

    Camosy Construction

    Camosy Construction serves Illinois and Wisconsin through useful designing, building, and construction management. Many of the articles published provide insightful looks at how to better run a construction firm.

  22. @architectmark


    Mark Stephens is a practicing architect with two decades of experience and a special talent for building beautiful structures with low or zero carbon footprint. Mark shares insights on self-building, passive houses, and architectural regulation through his regularly updated Twitter feed and blog.

  23. @RICSnews


    Through helping maintain integrity in the world of construction, RICS implements some of the most recognized standards in the field and exercises an impressive knowledge of the most relevant issues in the field. Active with a wealth of the top figures in the industry, it’s a go-to Twitter account for understanding how construction will continue to change in the 21st century.

  24. @AGCofA

    AGC of America

    The Associated General Contractors of America promotes the profession of contracting by helping to pull in more talent while simultaneously advocating for those currently involved in the profession. Posts on Twitter blend news, commentary, and factoids together almost seamlessly, making it an incredibly worthwhile source.

  25. @MaceGroup


    Mace is an international company focused on providing some of the most integral data on construction, specifically pertaining to global patterns and companies can develop policies and approaches that makes them more competitive globally.

  26. @aarnih


    Aarni Heiskanen is a managing partner at AE Partners, a firm duly equipped to take on challenges relevant to growing AEC companies across the world. With representatives across the world in some of the most competitive markets, you can be sure to be getting the highest quality content from them. The Twitter feed typically presents problems the industry faces, along with interesting developments.

  27. @BurginCo

    Burgin Construction

    Burin Construction is based in Santa Ana, CA and are one of the foremost sources on remodeling to get the most out of a property. They provide great tips on how to improve a space, as well as what some of the upcoming innovations in the field will be.

  28. @DPRConstruction

    DPR Construction

    DPR Construction is an organization with the industry know-how to implement some of the highest quality projects, while still having the time to educate others on some of the best ways to improve practices and make other construction firms stronger. The Twitter account is always explaining how to make projects more efficient, while detailing other insightful pieces on the construction industry.

  29. @gafroofing

    GAF Roofing

    GAF Roofing is the largest roofing manufacturer in the country, which uniquely situates them to have unmatchable insight into the roofing aspect of construction. Their posts discuss construction topics across the spectrum, which makes it relevant to those who don’t work specifically in roofing.

  30. @TALV58


    Todd Cendituoli runs HomeCentrl, often looking at how construction is changing today, from 3D Printing to interior ideas and innovative furniture ideas.

  31. @BCCIbuilders

    BCCI Construction Co

    BCCI Construction Co helps to implement some of the best practices by advocating for better living condition for tenants and even LEED consulting services. Based in San Francisco, they definitely understand the obstacles faced when it comes to building in one of the fastest growing and expensive areas in the country. Their tweets often look at energy efficiency and green living.

  32. @DodgeProjects


    MH Construction Dodge keeps viewers updated on construction companies, projects, and even people. Their tools for analysis are incredibly useful and they often tweet useful news relating to construction projects.

  33. @farrdenn

    FarrDen Construction

    FarrDen Construction is a UK-based construction firm excelling at designing and building some of the most notable structures around Gloucestershire. The posts cover wide-ranging content, making it useful for those not even in the UK.

  34. @metroconstruct

    Metro Construction

    Metro Construction is a great organization focused on restoration of building. Their tweets provide great information on restoration and why restoration is such a beneficial aspect of construction.

  35. @SitePrep


    SitePrep illustrates the challenges associated with preparing a site for construction, from water and gas lines to permit clearance and more. They have a magazine, website, digital magazine, and even eNewsletter, so you can view the content in a variety of formats.

  36. @kiewit

    Kiewit Corporation

    Founded all the way back in 1884, Kiewit Corporation has grown over the last 130 years to be a leader in construction, mining, and engineering. They were recently voted on the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work List, so it’s also a satisfactory place to see how to run a company that keeps the employees happy while maintaining the profit line.

  37. @coyconstruction

    Coy Construction

    Coy Construction is based in Santa Monica, California and is a general contractor that specializes in recording studios and making sure rooms have been properly soundproofed. They tweet projects currently being worked on, along with useful ways to apply soundproofing skills.

  38. @AsphltContractr

    Asphalt Contractor

    Asphalt Contractor is a great source on the most crucial aspects of the asphalt industry. Their tweets provide great how-to information, while explaining the three p’s of asphalt – paving, preservation, and plant operations.

  39. @AccessibleLA

    Accessible Construction

    Accessible Construction is a design and construction company that helps to accommodate handicapped individuals by creating environments more intuitive to everyday life. With reasonable pricing and tweets that often give insight into the design of it all, it’s a very useful page.

  40. @PerisConstruct

    Peris Construction

    Peris Construction is an office renovation construction company in Washington DC that is renowned for their commitment to quality and engaging tweets that look at making things more energy efficient and green. Tweets combine many aspects of renovation together, so it’s useful to anyone in the industry wondering how a solid firm operates.

  41. @LaytonConstNews

    Layton Construction

    Layton Construction leads the way as a commercial contractor with nationally regarded work and have projects that keep them active in almost every imaginable area in the market. There’s a bunch of useful information relating to construction processes and how companies can improve efficiency.

  42. @skipsconstco

    Skips Construction

    Skips Construction helps the Louisville, KY area and southeastern Indiana with concrete and construction needs. Their Twitter account looks at the various services they provide the community and often explains the best ways to tackle various construction needs.

  43. @JMJBConstruct

    JMJB Construction

    JMJB Construction operates out of Ottawa, Ontario and provides some of the best services for construction needs and renovations, even including a free quote and consultation for first-time customers. They pride themselves on working with honesty and integrity, so you never have to worry about the quality of a project.

  44. @EvolveNorwich

    Evolve Construction

    Evolve Construction has been around for over 30 years, involved in building, planning, and even project managing. Tweets show them often interacting with customers and engaging in friendly discussions on many aspects of construction.

  45. @chaseconstnw

    Chase Construction NW Inc-Sumner Roofing Contractor

    The Pacific Northwest has interesting obstacles when it comes to building and Chase Construction NW has the resources and ability to proficiently create great roofs that meet a variety of needs. Tweets often talk about roofing and the state of the industry.

  46. @HuttonBuilds

    Hutton Construction

    Hutton Construction in Wichita, Kansas has great information and an inviting presentation of their abilities to meet various construction needs. By staying active on Twitter with potential clients, they’re able to develop lasting relationships.

  47. @mossconstruct

    Moss Construction

    Moss Construction ranks among the best 100 building contractors in the entire country, which makes it an incredibly worthwhile firm to check out. They often discuss green energy and how to improve efficiency through renovation.

  48. @PepperConstruct

    Pepper Construction

    Pepper Construction is based in Chicago and has been around since 1927. They’ve led the way for decades on general contracting and construction management skills, which translates well to their Twitter feed.

  49. @NelloConstruct

    Nello Constrution Company

    Nello Construction Company is a general contractor that has worked in the Pittsburgh area for over 60 years, ensuring the highest quality. Their great Twitter feed goes through many areas in construction, often providing groundbreaking material.

  50. @McHughConstruct

    McHugh Construction

    Chicago-based McHugh Construction does innovative work as they delve into contracting interesting buildings. Their great Twitter feed is loaded with great pictures of all the latest projects they’re working on.

  51. @CityCcc

    City Core Commericial

    City Core Commercial helps to meet various commercial development needs. Based in Calgary, Alberta, they’re a proven leader in the Canadian construction industry. They often tweet about construction-related information, from how-to’s and commentary to funnier, more lighthearted posts.

  52. @ConstructionDFW

    Construction Concepts

    Dallas-based Construction concepts does a great job at helping residential owners renovate living spaces for the sake of efficiency, reliability, and cosmetics. They post construction news articles, but also many great how-to pieces.

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    Magazines & News

    Many magazines, blogs, and news sites exist to cover every angle of the construction management business, as well as other construction-relevant topics such as service and supplies, logistics, construction law and regulations.

  54. @TCIndex

    Construction Index

    Highly regarded and recognized as a leader in construction news and often the first to deliver on some of the most relevant issues, Construction Index maintains a high level of quality that is notable. Their Twitter feed keeps some of the biggest names in the industry informed on the most important news.

  55. @ENRnews

    Engineering News-Record

    Engineering News-Record is a leader in design and construction news, delivering great information, along with commentary, on the most important issues. They do notable coverage on relevant books and their retweets keep the focus on important topics.

  56. @ConstructionMag


    ConstructionExecutiv is a go-to read for contractors in commercial and industrial fields from around the country. Based in Arlington, VA, they help facilitate some of the best tools for staying up to date on industry developments.

  57. @ConstructionEnq


    Enquirer is based in London, England and runs one of the best managed Twitter accounts for getting the latest information on construction news, jobs, and even contracts. The incredible rate at which they update their Twitter page is only matched by the quality of posts, which is how they’ve become so renowned in the field.

  58. @EquipmentToday

    Equipment Today

    Equipment Today makes it much easier to locate quality information relating to purchasing of equipment, which makes it easier to manage a business and keep tabs on equipment. Tweets typically go back and forth between product showcasing and the latest equipment news.

  59. @ConstructorMag

    Constructor Magazine

    Constructor Magazine is published bi-monthly specifically for members of the Associated General Contractors of America. It’s a must-read for anyone working in the field and the Twitter account is used as a portal to keep them updated on the latest news and developments.

  60. @ConstructionMM

    John Langford

    John Langford is a marketing consultant for construction companies and assists them in taking the next step to gain renown in the field and execute the highest quality projects possible. He loves communicating on twitter and helping companies attain the results they desire.

  61. @ingenierocivil

    RC Engineering Services

    RC Engineering Services is a page by Rodriguez and Comas Engineering and covers issues relating to solar energy, civil engineering, and more. They also writer for the construction of, a notable site concerning everything construction related.

  62. @ConstructChat


    ConstructionChat is an engaging Twitter account that helps to bring together students and the industry to talk about the latest issues in the field, while also working intently on job placement and helping develop careers. The posts are regularly updated and emphasize how active they are with students.

  63. @cwa_tweets

    Construction Writers

    Construction Writers is an organization of journalists that contribute to construction-related endeavors and also includes those involved with PR and marketing. The Twitter page keeps viewers updated on events and useful ways to stay connected to the leaders in the industry.

  64. @CT_mag

    Construction Today

    Construction Today delves in to the subject of American construction work, presenting some of the most informed opinions in the industry, while keeping commentary objective. They also often do great profiles of projects developing around the country, making it useful to members of the construction community.

  65. @ConcreteConst

    Concrete Construction magazine

    Concrete Construction Magazine is the leading publication to focus on concrete construction specifically, giving a unique outlet to this large industry within the overall field of construction. Since concrete construction is still such a dense field, their posts are able to develop great content on events, contests, and interviews with some of the most notable figures.

  66. @ConstructionEqt

    Frank Raczon

    Frank Raczon runs, a website that helps connect construction teams with the foremost sources of equipment, trucks, and maintenance information. Tweets consist of in-depth pieces on various new products and the benefits associated with them.

  67. @SchoolBuildNews

    School Construction

    If you’re wondering what developments are taking place across the country in the school construction community, School Construction is one of the best Twitter feeds to check out. From looking at sustainability to design and construction, it’s a great way to see how construction of schools changes communities.

  68. @ModSpaceCorp

    Modspace Blog

    Modspace Blog is run by one of the leading creators of modular building, whether temporary or permanent. Their tweets delve greatly into the specific construction field of portable or mobile units.

  69. @ConstructionInf

    Construction Informer Blog

    Construction Informer Blog looks at construction, architecture, and engineering news, as well as unique perspectives and commentary on the latest issues. The Twitter account touches on construction news and the website even includes some great podcasts.

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    Related Topics

    The construction industry has widely adopted Twitter as a useful tool for publicity and networking. Companies and individuals from every corner of the construction world can be found and contacted through Twitter.

  71. @MironConstruct

    Miron Construction

    Miron Construction works on projects from start-to-finish and talks about green constructions, along with interesting news stories on their Twitter account. You can see the interesting projects they’re developing currently as well.

  72. @The_HTRC

    Sean Lintow Sr.

    Sean Lintow Sr. works out of Naperville, IL where he helps manage the Homeowner’s & Trades Resource Center. The displays an impressive amount of resources that ultimately enable individuals to understand problems and find long term solutions.

  73. @ConstructionEqt

    Construction Equipment

    Construction Equipment keeps viewers updated on news concerning construction equipment and trucks, along with how to properly maintain the materials needed to run a successful construction company. The Twitter account is mainly used for news concerning the equipment, so is a very useful resource.

  74. @ConstructionYT

    Construction Youth

    Construction Youth is a leading source of information on helping young people interested in being trained and employed in the construction industry throughout the United Kingdom. Their impressive array of content on the Twitter account makes it much easier to get involved in the industry if you’re a young person wondering how to get involved.

  75. @BrandConstruct

    The Brand Constructors

    The Brand Constructors focuses intently construction marketing, as well as branding and web design for construction firms. They often tweet various components to marketing and news updates pertinent to the field.

  76. @ConstructionCAN


    The Canadian Construction Association helps to facilitate connections between various components of the construction industry to promote conversation and unity. They often post videos, news, and useful tips on their Twitter page.

  77. @cibcomms

    CIB Comms

    CIB Comms is a well known integrated construction marketing consultancy that takes advantage of their wide-ranging knowledge of the industry to provide the best service to customers in the United Kingdom. Their Twitter posts often detail various components of construction and how technology is providing more interesting avenues to explore.

  78. @ConstructALead

    Hard-Hat Hank

    Hard-Hat Hank has an innovative approach to the industry, functioning as a subscription based project database for construction projects. It puts contractors in touch with various commercial jobs and explains why it’s such a useful way to locate new projects.

  79. @BZ_Industrial

    BuyerZone Industrial

    BuyerZone Industrial has articles, purchasing advices, pricing tips, and even buyer’s guides for construction companies. When you’re wondering a good place to look up buying equipment, their Twitter account is aptly equipped to find the best deals.

  80. @upworld


    Upworld is an innovative meeting place for professionals in the realms of design, real estate, and of course, construction. Since these fields often work together, this cross disciplinary site simplifies the process of locating other worthwhile professionals.

  81. @GrangerConstruc

    Granger Construction

    Based in Lansing, Michigan, Granger Construction is a great example of how construction companies solidify communities and improve infrastructure. The twitter account keeps users updated on all their latest projects, along with how they’re helping out locally.

  82. @CobbLawGroup

    Cobb Law Group

    The Cobb Law Group is a construction law firm based in Georgia, but their Twitter handle and regular blog posts feature information anyone in construction management can use. Their recent posts have covered Supreme Court rulings on construction law, general home safety and DIY home improvement tips.

  83. @SeekConstruct

    Construction Jobs

    Construction Jobs helps connect Australians with the best jobs throughout the country and deliver comprehensive tools for securing a new job in the field. With opportunities always popping up and a regularly updated feed, it’s definitely a worthwhile twitter account to check out.

  84. @Sundt

    Sundt Construction

    Sundt Construction works across the country to provide some of the most comprehensive construction services, while utilizing their Twitter account to keep others updated on upcoming events and work they’re involved in.

  85. @m_littlefield

    Matthew Littlefield

    Matthew Littlefield is a manufacturing analyst at LNS Research, a firm that is well versed in optimizing performance for businesses. His Twitter feed is full of him interacting with other members of the marketing and research community, making him a useful account to check out.

  86. @LindusCon

    Lindus Construction

    Lindus Construction helps the Minnesota and Wisconsin communities to have the best in construction available and they use their Twitter to highlight various products they sell and benefits associated with them.

  87. @ReedConstrData


    Reed Construction Data collects information from across the country, while also emphasizing a refined interest in local and regional data, for purposes of better informing the industry on areas such as project cost, product information, and project costs on services.

  88. @BuildingLaw

    Construction Law

    Construction Law is written by attorneys, so you can depend on the utmost in quality and factual pieces. They show problems other areas are facing and how the issues are largely translatable to many other communities, making it useful for construction teams across the country.

  89. @ConstructMarket

    Construction Marketing Association

    Construction Marketing Association helps to unite the Construction Marketing Association and Construction Marketing Institute under one umbrella to develop the most cutting edge training material, resources, networking, and more. The tweets detail professional events to meet up at and informative webcasts coming up.

  90. @VolvoCE_NA

    Volvo Construction Equipment

    Most people know Volvo for their recognizable, safety-oriented cars, but the manufacturing company also plays a huge role in the construction equipment industry. They share general industry news, product rollouts and photos of their innovative machines in action.

  91. @ClarkBuilds

    Clark Construction

    Clark Construction works on large-scale construction projects in the areas of GC, civil, design-build, and PPP. Their Twitter account makes a great source of sustainable resources for further developing a construction business.

  92. @BDCNetwork

    Building Design  + Construction

    Building Design + Construction help building teams make worthwhile places for living and working across the world and often use their Twitter account to talk about innovative construction projects around the world. The feed is also sprinkled with news articles with commentary on buildings and their progress.

  93. @mstewartjr

    Planting Acorns

    Planting Acorns is a website run by Stewart Perry that aims to take the value of construction beyond building and emphasize how it instills communities to be stronger. The site has engaging, colorful posts that can help anyone understand the benefits of construction.

  94. @Atlas808

    Atlas Construction

    Atlas Construction is a firm offering contemporary news, tips, and advice from those working inside the industry. Their firsthand experience gives them unparalleled perspective on some of the most important issues.

  95. @KHLConstruction

    KHL Construction

    KHL Construction features writers from some of the top industry publications, including Construction Europe and International Construction. Combining their firsthand experience in construction with writing, it makes for a worthwhile page to check out for anyone.

  96. @MutualSafety

    Mutual Industries

    Mutual Industries helps improve construction quality, safety, surveying accessories, and even geotextile and erosion control materials. Tweets vary between news, commentary, and how-to advice that is incredibly useful, as well as applicable for many situations.

  97. @LH_Construction

    Liebherr Construction

    As a worldwide leader of manufacturing materials and construction equipment, German-based Liebherr Construction does an impressive job at using their Twitter to educate other on construction safety. They also showcase the projects t they’re working on with great pictures and detailed explanations.

  98. @ConstructionHL

    Construction Helpline

    Construction Helpline works to equip others with how to best approach construction projects. Since they don’t charge, it’s a great source for getting help with any projects that may be a struggle.

  99. @mnsengineers

    MNS Engineers

    MNS Engineers gives consulting services to many parts of California, specializing in working with the government. Tweets show how they use their consulting skills to enrich communities by ensuring quality in the water supply and other government regulated areas.

  100. @CIC_Jobs


    Construction Careers allows individuals to find all the best construction jobs and their constant stream on Twitter lets users know exactly when new jobs are opening up and where at. If you’re starting to test the field for new jobs or have been looking a while, it’s a great resource either way.

  101. @HuntMidwest

    Hunt Midwest

    Hunt Midwest is based in Kansas City and they help with real estate development, specifically specializing in senior living, residential, mixed-use, commercial, and industrial development.

  102. @dbrownmgmt

    D. Brown Management

    D. Brown Management operates out of Sacramento as a management advisory and training firm to some of the leading construction companies. They work thoroughly to improve profitability while not sacrificing long-term sustainability.

  103. @EcoScreenByKane


    KaneSterling creates innovative architectural breakthroughs, one of the most notable being the EcoScreen, a living wall that helps to incorporate more environmental elements into design and sustainability. Tweets mostly consist of the daily rundown of operational developments.

  104. @WalbridgeGroup


    Walbridge is a global construction company that has operated out of Detroit, Michigan since 1916. They help build factories and many other types of building that make it easier to manage a company.

  105. @BuildCentral

    BuildCentral, Inc.

    BuildCentral, Inc has been around since 2000, but quickly proved how valuable their insight is to come of the leading companies and vendors across the company. They post interesting information on construction developments nationally.

  106. @MabeyInc

    Mabey Inc.

    Mabey Inc. works on bridge systems, temporary roadways, excavation shoring, structural support, PE engineering, and even training. The posts often touch on bridge construction and why it’s such a fascinating area in the field.

  107. @AerotekCnstruct

    Aerotek Construction

    Aerotek Construction is a leader in the field and utilize their Twitter account to post available jobs. It’s a great way to find a new avenue to pursue in the construction industry, especially if one is seeking change.

  108. @hubhasit

    Hub Construction

    Hub Construction does a great job at keeping viewers updated on developments in concrete construction. As a VOSB supplier, they’re always working ardently to ensure the highest quality product gets to the client and they use the Twitter account to give out the latest updates.

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