Top 30 Job Sites for Commercial Construction

Whether you are a construction student or someone who has worked in the industry for years, finding a job can sometimes be one of the most challenging aspects of the commercial construction field. Only a few years ago, candidates were forced to send out paper resumes and keep their fingers crossed for an answer. Now job candidates can know about an opening seconds after it’s posted and have their applications and related info turned in within minutes.

To help the job search in the new age, we have gathered the top 30 job sites for commercial construction. They include everything from sites just for construction applicants to mega sites and even a few places to put in your very own construction bid.

Top Job Sites for Commercial Construction

  1. Construction Work

    Get an all in one construction job site here. There are options for owners, workers, suppliers, and contractors all on the home page. They have a career center and forums with more in addition to the option to build your own homepage on the site.

  2. Construction Jobs

    Jobs are updated here on a regular basis. Other options here include a resume writing service and a “front of the line” plan. You can also check out their career center or FAQ for more information.

  3. Top Building Jobs

    Simply type in what and where on this job site to begin looking for building jobs. There is no registration required and builders can post jobs here for only $99.

  4. S.R. Clarke

    If you need some help in your construction job search, why not stop here? They are a job placement firm that helps match candidates and clients in commercial construction and related areas. You can even see which jobs they are currently staffing by scrolling down.

  5. Commercial Construction Jobs

    Stop here for a simple job search engine. You can use it to search job sites, company career pages, and associations for openings in commercial construction. Current popular searches include framing, project management, and administrative.

  6. Construction Jobs Net

    Clicking here allows you to search for construction jobs across the country. Simply choose your state to begin. You can also make your own page or learn more about job fairs.

  7. Construction Job Force

    Search thousands of construction jobs on this site. They focus on matching construction candidates with employers. Currently there are over 6,000 openings, and there are other job tools on the site.

  8. iHireConstruction

    This site is part of the iHire Network. With a special tab for construction, you can upload your resume, search loads of jobs, and connect with hiring managers. Click on “how it works” to learn more.

  9. Only Construction Jobs

    There are currently over 63,000 job openings here. A quick registration allows you to view them, get job alerts, and post your resume. Each job is vetted and approved before listed.

  10. Job Piggy

    If you’re feeling lucky, stop here. Just type in what and where to begin searching construction jobs. An email address is also required.

Top Bid Job Sites for Commercial Construction

  1. Construction Wire

    The homepage of this site tells you current projects that are bidding as well as recent updates to other projects. You can select your state and project type such as casinos or hotels to begin. You can even submit your own project for the bidding.

  2. Building Opportunities

    This site stands out because it gives you free access to over 180,000 commercial construction project reports. It includes public project data, pre-construction phases, and even where your competitors are working. Just fill in the form to begin.

  3. iSqFt

    This paid service gives you access to countless new leads for commercial public jobs posted in your area. It also gives you the information on other general contractors in your area. They even offer a free trial.

  4. Get Project Leads

    Get just what the title promises in this site from Reed Construction Data. There are special projects featured only on this site. Simply fill out the form to learn more.

  5. Hardhat Connect

    Contractors and other construction professionals can find a sort of Facebook style site just for them. Build your own page, check out the forums, and much more. There are also blogs for the reading and writing.

  6. Bid Clerk

    Type in what you are looking for on this job search site. You can even select project type such as private, public, or single family. You can also search for commercial and residential contractors.

  7. eBid Board

    Paper bids are so 1.0. Stop here to get and submit electronic bids on all sorts of construction projects. They even have a What’s Bidding section where you can see who is doing business with who.

  8. National Contractors

    Check out bids from and by this contracting group here. They specialize in matching quality contractors with upcoming construction projects. There are also forums with more.

  9. Construction Bid Source LLC

    If looking for commercial construction or other work in California or the Western United States, stop here. They have a Twitter feed with updates and even funding opportunities for those looking to finance a project. You can also check out federal resources as well.

  10. Bid Tool

    If you need some help getting a bid together, stop here. The site offers loads of tools such as electronic plans and specs. They also offer a free trial of their services.

Top Main Job Sites for Commercial Construction

  1. Commercial Construction

    Get loads of commercial construction jobs from the experts at Bloomberg here. It includes everything you want to know about the industry including civil engineering, infrastructure, and more. You can also get news and blogs.

  2. Construction Jobs

    See why millions go to Career Builder on a regular basis with a visit. You can find thousands of jobs just in construction, or narrow by specialty such as management, engineering, and others. You can also search by company.

  3. Commercial Construction Superintendents Forum

    Go beyond the usual post and search options with a visit to They have a special forum where actual professionals and candidates can post about their commercial construction job search experience. You can also do a traditional job search.

  4. Construction Job Search

    This special search is hosted by the folks at Monster. Options include searching jobs by location, date listed, keywords, and more. Be sure not to miss the Career Tools with much more.

  5. Employment Crossing

    There are dozens of different construction jobs categories to choose from here, including commercial. Other choices offered are advisor, associate, inspector, and many others. You can also get the latest news by scrolling down.

  6. Commercial Construction

    Simply Hired is another mega job site. Current offerings include superintendent, project manager, and even traveling positions. You can also see job trends and salaries on the site.

  7. McCarthy

    This is one of the leading commercial construction firms in the country. Check out their career page to see who and where they are hiring. You can also create a profile.

  8. Flipdog

    Simply choose your state to begin here. There is also a special section for construction jobs. They even have career resources such as sample resumes and cover letters.

  9. Commercial Construction Salary

    Know what the job pays before you apply. Payscale is a leading salary information site, and they have information just for the commercial construction industry. You can look up average salary for many kinds of jobs or search for openings.

  10. Construction Job

    This job search is powered by AOL. Stop by to get the latest jobs outlook or salary survey. Scrolling down also shows you the newest listings in construction.

Be sure to check back with your favorite of the above top 30 job sites for commercial construction often, as postings change from day to day, as well as job trends and salary information.