The construction business took a hard hit when the U.S. economy slowed, but construction projects are roaring back and construction management jobs are predicted to grow by 17 percent over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. From home construction to commercial building and the burgeoning field of LEED certified sustainable construction, there are plenty of opportunities for success and financial rewards in the construction management business. The sites below represent some of the most successful construction businesses who have decided to share their insights about the business online.

Home Building

Custom home building for a range of markets, from budget homes to luxury mansions, can be lucrative for a builder that knows how to source materials well and satisfy their customers.

  1. Method Homes Blog

    Method Homes manufactures prefabricated structures with dynamic architectural and sustainable design. Their blog showcases these structures, providing inspiration and ideas for creating one-of-a-kind living arrangements.

  2. Cornell Homes Blog

    The Cornell Homes Team exists to satisfy customers with their homebuilding expertise and professionalism. Their blog is a monument to their widespread construction services to home buyers across the New Jersey region.

  3. Napolitano Homes Blog

    If you want solid construction and innovative design, the Napolitano Family will satisfy your quest with their commitment to quality in the Hampton Roads community in Virginia. They truly engage their followers in their blog and through social media, including asking for help to build their next spec home.

  4. Hibbs Homes Blog

    The Hibbs Homes team has been satisfying clients since 2003, with the goal of becoming St. Louis’ most recommended home builder. The focus of their blog is to educate readers on energy-efficient homes, as well as the qualities that go into a unique, well-design residence.

  5. Harth Blog

    Located and working in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania, Harth Builders has been awarded with their insights into renovation and design-build projects. Their blog is a delight for anyone who wants to peruse residential design by room or element, with topics that range from bars to sinks, and from kitchen storage to bathrooms.

  6. Stonewood Blog

    J. Sven Gustafson and his team at Stonewood have specialized in creating and building upper-bracket custom homes throughout the Twin Cities. Their personal touch is reflected in their blog, where they not only talk about their awards and projects, but share their family with readers to engender that personal touch and trust.

  7. Home Construction & Improvement

    Although Todd Fratzel plies his skills in the New Hampshire area, he shares his knowledge about custom home building through this blog and several other online publications for the world to learn. We don’t know how he finds time for woodworking, but this man is top notch when it comes to tools, green construction, and sharing knowledge freely.

  8. Schaeffer Family Homes Blog

    The Schaeffer family has been building quality affordable new homes for three generations throughout the southern New Jersey region. Their reputation for keeping up with new technologies shows online with their blog and social media, and their willingness to share budget-cutting ideas with readers is apparent in their content.

  9. Natural Building Blog

    Kelly Hart and Dr. Owen Geiger are on a mission to share their knowledge about earthbag building to a wide audience. Their ideas are revolutionary, experimental, environmentally sound, and gathered from natural sources, creating a sustainable way of living that makes great sense to anyone who desires to create minimal impact.

  10. Haury & Smith Contractors Blog

    Haury & Smith is a family-owned and operated company in Nashville that has been designing and constructing residences for almost sixty years. They share customer testimonials, home maintenance tips, and news about the local housing industry in their well-written blog.

  11. Ask Art — Builder Blog

    Art loves creating something out of nothing, especially if it has to do with custom homes in the Richmond, Virginia area. His passion is evident in his blog, where he invites anyone to ask a question about custom homes and he’ll try to answer it to the best of his ability (an ability that seems fairly expansive).

  12. Covenant Custom Homes Blog

    Covenant Homes is one of only 25 builders in the nation to earn the honor of an America Lung Association Health House builder, because they combine their knowledge of medical and building sciences to create healthier homes in the Johnson County, Kansas region. Their blog is a testament to intelligent design, including project updates and tips for readers.

  13. The Providence Group Blog

    The Providence Group, based in Atlanta, is committed to developing relationships with their customers as well as providing unique residential communities for their neighbors. Their blog offers project updates as well as incentives for readers interested in new quality construction.

  14. The Builder’s Notes

    If you don’t think that luxury and energy efficiency belong in the same home design, then you haven’t met Clarum Homes. This team makes residential innovation seem easy, because they seem engaged, excited, and enthusiastic about their perspectives on what makes a residence special, sustainable, and high-performance in the northern California area.

  15. Steve Bennett Builders Blog

    For over 25 years, Steve Bennett has made himself accessible to new home builders, prior customers, and now — through his blog — to the entire world. With a vast amount of experience in a wide range of homebuilding challenges, Steve remains committed to doing it “right” for home owners in Central Oregon and beyond.

  16. Hayden Homes Blog

    Hayden Homes provides a unique blog where their customers write stories about their homes located throughout Oregon and Washington states. If “putting people first” is a motto, their blog reflects this effort with some very engaging memories and pictures.

  17. Whitmire Custom Homes Blog

    Tim Whitmire is a Hall County, Georgia native, so he knows the neighborhoods and environments where he’s lived all his life. As a “hands-on” builder, he helps his clients tweak every nook and cranny in their new homes until everything is just right — and he also provides further assistance about those tweaks in his blog.

  18. Centerline Homes Blog

    Located in Florida, Centerline Homes brings a personal and conversational touch to their blog, offering stories that can engage readers who live far from the Sunshine State. Centerline Homes also builds beautiful homes in some of Charlotte, North Carolina’s neighborhoods.

  19. Belmonte Builders Blog

    Peter Belmonte, Sr. left an executive position at GE to pursue his dream of building the finest custom homes possible in the Clifton Park, New York area. His enthusiasm for building dream homes is contagious — now his son is part of this venture. Be aware that you might catch their excitement through their blog!

  20. Broughman Builders Blog

    Broughman Builders has provided top-notch service and quality construction through their home building business throughout Maine and New England. Their blog and website offer readers a chance to learn more about residences that range from small camps and cottages to year-round homes, especially custom stick-built homes and renovations.

  21. Adams Homes Blog

    Wayne Adams founded Adams Homes in 1991, and his business has grown from Pensacola to serving customers throughout the south. His goal in his business and in his blog is to remove any confusion about new home purchasing experiences so he can deliver value no matter the budget or location.

  22. Buffingtonhomes’ Blog

    Located in Austin and with experience in home building in sixteen communities throughout the area, Buffington Homes offers spacious floor plans and innovative designs — just what the Austin home buyer wants. They’re so immersed in community that their blog focuses on what’s happening in the community, making Austin that much more friendlier to anyone who reads their articles.

  23. C&M Properties and Construction Blog

    Bring a napkin and get ready to drool over C&M Properties & Construction’s site and blog. This Wisconsin family-owned and operated business walks each customer through the design and building process so everyone is satisfied with their new, efficient and cost-effective home.

  24. Builder Homesite Blog (Insight)

    This blog is geared toward home builders, but home buyers can gain great insight into how this business works in layman’s terms. Learn about best practices, marketing, location importance, and new tools and technologies for this field from the articles at this site.

  25. HandCrafted Homes Blog

    Henderson, North Carolina, is home to HandCrafted Homes, where this team has built a reputation for being a recognized leader in real estate developments throughout the mid-south. Their goal of providing buyers and builders a faster, better quality, more economical and just plain better alternative in home construction through modular units is evident in their blog.

  26. Key Land Homes Blog

    Key Land Homes is into its second generation of this family-owned and operated home building business in the Prior Lake, Minnesota area. If you’re seeking quality affordable housing and tips to maintain your home, visit their blog and website today, where you can tap into over 50 years of experience from Gary Horkey and sons Keith and Kevin.

  27. Appalachian Log Structures Blog

    If your dreams hold visions of a log cabin home, Appalachian Log Structures can make those dreams a reality with their knowledge of wood homes that are built to last for generations. Learn more about how to create this reality through their blog, which focuses on creating the best log home possible.

  28. Precision Craft Log Homes Blog

    Log and timber homes don’t need to look rustic — they can be elegant, spacious, and sustainable, too. PrecisionCraft brings their expertise to this home building niche with their award-winning designs and informative blog filled with eye-candy homes.

  29. Highlight Homes Blog

    Highlight Homes offers architectural design and home renovation services, and their blog provides information about home buying, green building, renovations, and interior design. Anyone who loves “before and after” photos will love their images of homes in the Atlanta area.

  30. Paradigm Building Group Blog

    If you were building a home, wouldn’t you like a step-by-step game plan? Paradigm Building Group offers that option for home builders, remodelers, LEED-Certified projects, green building, finished basements, historical renovations, and other residential and commercial building in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

  31. Teton Heritage Builders Blog

    Teton Heritage Builders has a reputation for building dream custom homes in the Rocky Mountains that are finalized on time and under budget. If you’re seeking a homestead near Jackson Hole, look over their blog for some mouth-watering ideas and give Teton Heritage a call.

  32. Edge Homes Blog

    Edge Homes is the fastest-growing home builder in Utah, providing customers with amazing price points based upon their strategic land acquisition tactics. From the ground up, Edge Homes provides customers with customized satisfaction, reflected in the images of the homes in their blog.

  33. Charter Homes and Neighborhoods Blog

    Rob Bowman not only builds homes throughout Pennsylvania — he envisions and builds entire neighborhoods designed to respect and enhance the history and character of areas such as Lancaster, York, and greater Harrisburg. A winner of many awards, Charter Homes & Neighborhoods provides information about those communities in this blog.

  34. The Orchards Group Blog

    Specialization often leads to spectacular results, especially when that focus is on building neighborhoods specifically for active adults. The Orchards Group does just that — they achieve spectacular results from their “Active Adult” communities in North Atlanta, which focus on homes for empty nesters, retirees, and seniors.

  35. Craig Fairbanks Homes Blog

    Craig Fairbanks designed and built his first custom home at age 21, with skills he learned from his father’s building business. He is one of a select group of professionals across the nation to earn the Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist designation, which identifies remodelers who are trained to help retirees and other adults continue to live safely and independently in their homes as they age.

  36. McGuinn Homes Blog

    McGuinn Homes uses the “Your Home, Your Way” process, designed to give budget-minded home buyers a custom feel to their experience. As a Christian company, their focus is on good stewardship within their Columbia, South Carolina community.

  37. CMS Homes Blog

    If you’re seeking a home in Troy, Missouri, you might want to check out the neighborhoods designed and built by CMS Homes. If you’d rather have a custom home built on your lot, CMS Homes is ready for that option too — and they provide a lot of great tips for that possibility at this blog.

  38. Dalton Built Homes Blog

    Dalton Built Homes, located in Lexington, Kentucky, has been building quality custom homes in that area for over a quarter century. Their attention to detail starts with a question-and-answer session with the potential customer, providing all the answers to your questions about building and remodeling.

  39. Mighty House Construction Blog

    Mighty House Construction was founded by a second-generation remodeling and green building junkie who concentrates on basic renovations to whole-house remodels and additions. The blog is a great read, focusing on green building and other stories that provide great education for anyone interested in this topic.

  40. Azalea Homes Blog

    This Atlanta home builder offers decades of experience, unexpected design touches and architectural details, and a commitment to providing homes in new and established communities. Their commitment to community is reflected in their blog, which posts news and events in those neighborhoods.

  41. Grand Homes Blog

    Grand Homes shares local and national home building news at their blog — as a nationally-recognized award-winning leader in this industry, they provide Dallas area home buyers with scrumptious opportunities to own a custom-built home, too. Follow them to learn more about their design and craftsmanship techniques!

  42. C&H Construction Blog

    From small to large homes, C&H Construction is versed on building those structures above and beyond all local building codes. Located in Georgia, this company provides news of interest to any home owner in the Blairsville region.

  43. Hibbard Construction Blog

    Jeff Hibbard is a second-generation home builder who enjoys creating working relationships with his customers in Idaho. Don’t miss the blog and the photo gallery that can provide you with an idea of what H.C. Hibbard Construction can do for you.

  44. Highland Homes Blog

    If you’re seeking a new home in the Tampa, Florida region, look no further than Highland Homes — especially if you seek quality on a small budget. Visit their blog to get a visual idea of how they transform homes that range from less than 1,250-2,500+ square feet into sanctuaries.

  45. Stonecrest Homes Blog

    Charles Heiser, Jr. and Jim Chapman bring their decades of experience to the Atlanta, Georgia, home-building market as owners of Stonecrest Homes. They provide designs that range from estate to Craftsman styles in communities throughout Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, Hall, and Henry Counties.

  46. Reliant Homes Blog

    Located in Loganville, Georgia and in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Reliant Homes brings more than satisfaction to their customers — they offer delight in their custom-built homes. Customers may realize this as soon as Reliant asks them to make their own design selections for their standard models.

  47. McFall Builders Blog

    Martin P. McFall Builders, Inc., is a second-generation business that focuses on remodels, additions, and new home building in the Gainesville, Florida area. The before-and-after photos of the remodeling jobs are interesting, and provide readers with ideas about what to do to their own homes.

  48. LiveGreen Blog

    The Livegreen Blog is a product presented by Floornature, a business that showcases the best in sustainable production and completed projects. Their blog is a venue to discuss and share topics related to sustainable building and energy savings through new architectural choices, techonologies, and materials that not only respect the environment, but also betters everyone’s quality of life.

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Green Construction

Sustainable or “green” construction of houses with better energy efficiency and lower carbon footprints has exploded in popularity, and any business with the capacity to build certifiably sustainable buildings can reap the benefits.

  1. Green Built Blog

    You can get current green housing news that touches on topics such as energy-efficient homes, green building legislation, green design trends, and green events at this blog. From residents to commercial building owners and contractors, you can learn about the latest environmentally-sound news here.

  2. Green Builder

    Green Builder provides extensive news, views, and ground-breaking perspectives on environmentally-sound building ideas. This particular online version of the print magazine is the building industry’s leading magazine for sustainable development.

  3. Environmental Building Strategies

    If you intend to reduce waste, use less energy, and reduce your carbon footprint in the AEC industries, take advantage of this blog and its mission to find a way to build green without breaking the budget. Environmental Building Strategies’ clients include anyone who wants a better performing building.

  4. BlueBrick Blog

    This relatively new blog on green building products, trends, and events provides a different perspective — that of the client. Follow their projects and news to learn more about company updates, historic renovations, and remodeling, among other topics.

  5. Lamboo Blog

    Lamboo is a bamboo product that is structurally superior to wood counterparts for structural and design applications. Their blog focuses on company news as well as exciting green trends in design, building, and architecture.

  6. Sustainablog

    Sustainablog began in 2003, about the same time that sustainability began to reach wider audiences via the Internet. Author Jeff McIntire-Strasburg started what is now one of the longest-running green blog on the web, featuring topics such as products, living, science, and business.

  7. Tiny House Design

    Living smaller means less, but it also means more in the bank or the ability to have more free time because you need to earn less…but that’s a difficult concept for many Americans to follow. This blog is an exciting journal about making that mental transition from large to small.

  8. Building Green

    Building Green is an independent publishing company that is committed to providing readers with accurate and unbiased timely green design information. As a result, readers can gain access to education, product information, case studies, and opinion about sustainable development.

  9. Building Capacity

    Kathleen O’Brien, a writer in the green building and sustainable development consulting community, edits blogs written by the consulting staff at O’Brien & Company, and posts interviews with important names in the field. Look to this company, also, to provide consulting and training for green building.

  10. Green Building News and Insight from

    GBM Marketing, Inc. launched this blog in 2003 as a resource for environmentally conscious and sustainable design and construction. This is an interactive site, providing a venue for readers involved in designing and building both residential and commercial buildings.

  11. Campus Green Builder

    This site hones in on green building specifically for academic institutions. The information is free to all higher education facilities, and especially to under-resourced colleges and universities through Second Nature’s strategic outreach and education program, the Advancing Green Building in Higher Education Initiative.

  12. Jetson Green

    This site hit the ground running about four years ago, and it remains one of the most exciting blogs about sustainable building and design on the web. Look for information on green technologies, tiny houses, green materials, and LEED projects through their articles.

  13. Building My Green Life

    Allison Beer McKenzie is an architect and director of sustainability at SHP Leading Design. As the author of this blog, she tries to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, which leads to ideas about more sustainable designs and building.

  14. Green Solar Cafe

    This blog is about sustainable living, technologies, and products, including information about hybrid and electric automobiles. Pick a topic that’s hot in the green materials industry, and this blog should have an article about on that topic.

  15. Green Real Estate Law Journal

    This journal provides readers with information about green building across the board, including contracts, litigation, insurance, and marketing. The other half of this journal provides longer articles that analyze and comment on specific green building legal issues and other items of interest.

  16. Legally Green

    The Sheridan Law Firm publishes this blog with a focus toward green design, sustainability, and legalities. They supply current news on happenings at all levels of the law, including contractual responsibilities, litigation, and changes in the laws.

  17. Green Building Advisor

    This site intends to be the complete source for building, designing, and remodeling home for sustainability. Look for resources such as energy retrofit details, reviews on green building products, and an entire green encyclopedia that covers all green building basics.

  18. Green Building

    Green Building focuses on daily news about green building issues in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, but their relevance is nationwide. Expect guest blogs, and topics that cover water, energy, building issues and projects.

  19. Urban Green Council

    The Urban Green Council is the New York chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. This is one of the more exciting chapters in the country, covering and advocating for sustainable environments in New York and nationwide.

  20. Sustainable Construction

    John Noriega, and architectural engineering student, started this blog to interact with other professionals in the industry. But, the blog has taken off, because it also appeals to homeowners and builders as he blogs the latest news and technology for sustainable construction and net zero energy.

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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Some companies plan, design, and build their structures, whereas some only do one part of the process and hire contractors for the rest. The combination of architecture, engineering and design, often abbreviated AEC is a killer combo for profitable construction companies.

  1. Construction Informer

    Duane offers an exciting and essential perspective on construction, and even offers readers a chance to provide guest columns. Topics include construction news, commentaries and downloads, and interviews.

  2. Foundation Piledriving Contractors

    This blog belongs to the Foundation of Piledriving Contractors, a group that maintains construction teams across Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. Look for unparalleled expertise on complex, and intricate projects of all sizes in articles and news from this site.

  3. Keever & Associates Blog

    Keever and Associates, Inc. are general contractors located in Seattle, and they’ve built hundreds of custom commercial and residental projects around the Puget Sound area. Look for news, information, and advice about custom building at this blog.

  4. Yellow Sheet Construction Data. Ltd.

    The Yellow Sheet blog is out of Canada, and provides builders with information about South Vancouver Island building, including project data, information about building matters, and tenders and results. The blog, especially, focuses on construction news from around the area, keeping area builders well informed.

  5. BDC Network

    BDC stands for “Building, Design, and Construction,” offering readers with information about all types of building news, events, research, and education. They watch for building trends, so you can save time by just reading this online publication.

  6. Hard Hat Chat

    Englewood Construction offers a popular blog that provides news and information to the construction management field. No commercial stone is left unturned, as Englewood concentrates on general contracting in retail, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and industrial projects throughout the U.S.

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Materials & Design

Understanding materials at every level, from chemical composition to durability, cost, availability, and a thousand other factors, sets a great builder apart from a merely good one. There are entire companies devoted to making and selling different kinds of glass, plastic, stone, lumber, and every other construction material, but knowing who has the best prices for the best goods, and being able to get them delivered in a timely fashion is crucial for construction managers.

  1. Krishna Group Blog

    The Krishna Group provides a complete range of construction chemicals, manufacturing over 250 high-quality products in various categories. Their blog shows readers how to use their materials in a variety of building applications.

  2. American Manufacturing Blog

    The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a non-profit, non-partisan partnership that focuses on current issues such as a strong Buy American program, fair trade, and job creation. Their blog has a strong focus on China, national security, trade laws, and climate policies.

  3. AEC Insight

    The Jagg Group provides marketing strategies, public relations, and research for much of the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Their blog, AEC Insight, provides members of those industries with news, advice, and insight into current issues.

  4. Gould Design Inc.’s Blog

    Gould Design, Inc.’s president, Christopher Gould, hails from an extensive truss background, and offers clients a variety of building components today. His blog focuses on trusses, but also touches on engineered floors, industry materials, wall panels and more as it pertains to building with various components.

  5. Architect’s Guide to Glass and Metal

    No matter if you’ve been an architect for decades or are new to the industry — this online portal provides everything you’d ever want to know about glass or metal. Learn from news, shared learning, industry events, and articles and share your information as well.

  6. Trenchless Technology

    This site focuses solely on trenchless technologies, including news about directional drilling, pipe cleaning, and supplements that focus on this industry. Readers can gain insight into national and international developments through articles, editorials, webinars, and conferences.

  7. Steel Market Update

    SMU informs, educates, and motivates others in the steel industry to become well informed about pricing, market trends, and relevant information about North American flat-rolled steel and its markets. Learn from John Packard, a steel veteran for over three decades.

  8. Aggregate Industries Blog

    Aggregate Industries provides a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry through quarrying and manufacturing. Their blog covers much more than their products and services, as they touch on a variety of building methods, learning, and workshops.

  9. Knez Building Materials Blog

    Knez Building Materials Co. is one of the largest suppliers of drywall in the northwest, and this family-operated business is now into its second and third generations. If you entertain any questions at all about drywall, this is the place to learn more about that building product.

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Business & Marketing

Builders often have to bid for contracts against other similar companies, and the one with the best timeframe and price will probably win. Showing a potential customer the unique quality of service they’ll get by choosing you can mean the difference between getting paid and going broke in this business.

  1. AEC Business Blog

    This blog is devoted to business owners, managers, and developers in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Many AEC (Architect, Engineer, and Construction) businesses are unique in that they go from design to construction to start and finish a product. This group leads the way.

  2. The Contractor’s Business Coach

    Ron and Guy have been involved in the construction industry for decades, and they combine their experiences to offer construction owners and managers some coaching that can help those businesses make profits. They can provide construction businesses with an incredible competitive edge.

  3. Constructonomics

    Constructonomics is a full-service construction manager, design/build, and CAD drafting specialist in Pennsylvania that collaborates with other construction professionals to build ethical and sustainable projects. Their blog “digs below bedrock” to provide readers with information about the latest in the AEC and green industries.

  4. Archipro Staff Agency

    Since 1992, Archipro has worked with architectural firms to fill professional staffing requirements in the Architect, Landscape Architect, and Interior Design fields. As one of the most respected names in architecture staffing, we maintain an unequaled pool of qualified resumes and respected employers.

  5. Constructive Communication Inc.

    Whether we partner with you in the development of a public relations program, white paper or collateral materials, Constructive Communication, Inc. will apply its technical expertise and marketing know-how to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in customized approaches to your specific market, niche and style – creating a marketing action plan that suits your budget and expectations.

  6. Construction Contractor Advisor

    Craig has an extensive background in all aspects of construction law, and he shares his expertise in his blog. He addresses both construction and employment law issues in this blog, and aims to keep contractors and construction companies current on changes in the law that may affect operations.

  7. The Brand Constructors

    This business focuses exclusively on the AEC industry to help architects, engineers, and contractors build an effective marketing communications program. The bottom line is profitability, and that comes with streamlined marketing efforts.

  8. Builder Target Blog

    If you’re a home builder, you might want to spend some time on this blog to learn more about blogging, public relations, social media, and websites. This site provides tons of resources and “how to” articles on creating a dynamic and personalized media presence.

  9. Builder Online

    This is the online version of the resourceful Builder magazine, a publication by Hanley Wood. For over a quarter century, this publisher has concentrated exclusively only on important residential and commercial construction industries throughout North America.

  10. Construction Business Owner Magazine

    Cahaba media Group, Inc. supplies their readers with the online version of Construction Business Owner, a valuable resource for contractors who are — or who aspire to be — managers. Topics range from sales and business matters to bidding strategies and statistics about construction activity across the country.

  11. Construction Biz Wiz

    Maxwell Systems, a company that provides workforce tools to help streamline processes and maximize profits, provides a blog that focuses on technology and best practices for construction companies. Audiences include general construction, specialty trades and subcontracting, and heavy construction.

  12. Associated General Contractors of America

    AGC provides an online presence for construction professionals who seek advocacy and information about events, training and education, and news about this industry. AGC is a full-service national trade association representing nearly 30,000 leading construction firms, including contractors, service providers, and suppliers.

  13. The Builders Counsel Blog

    Douglas S. Reiser, an attorney and LEED AP, authors this incredible blog about construction law, green building, and law practice management. Although any business might benefit from the advice that Reiser offers here, the focus is on construction and small businesses.

  14. Construction Marketing Association Blog

    CMA is devoted to a broad range of resources and support for construction marketers. This ability to hone in on a specialty industry allows the CMA to provide the best in marketing for products and services in construction, including resources and benefits for members.

  15. Construction Marketing Ideas

    Mark Buckshon started this blog to impart his new-found and growing knowledge and expertise in the best practices for marketing in the AEC community. As a result, he has written two books specifically about the nuances in social media and marketing for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.

  16. Help Everybody Everyday

    If you want to become a better marketer in the AEC industry, let Matt teach you through this blog. He is an aggressive marketer who has helped architectural, engineering, construction and real estate consulting firms realize incredible fees from projects ranging between $500K to $2B.

  17. ConstrucTUBE

    This news portal is designed specifically to speak to the construction industry about the people, projects, problems, possibilities, and potentials within today’s construction-related news. Stay tuned for up-to-date and relevant news about this industry.

  18. Planswift Takeoff and Estimating Software

    PlanSwift, LLC is the country’s fastest-growing developer and distributor of digital software for the construction industry. If you want more accurate bids, follow this blog to learn about their philosophy and become part of the driving force behind improving this software for construction companies nationwide.

  19. Carol’s Construction Technology Blog

    Carol Hagen is the president of Hagen Business Systems, Inc., and she’s interested in construction companies, subcontractors, project owners, developers, and project lenders who want to go green by reducing waste and by using LEAN principles. She’s also available to train your construction business on how to use social media.

  20. AEC Technology Strategies

    This new website offers news and resources to those who design and build. This site also is the new home for the annual AEC Technology Strategies Conference (now in its eleventh year), so you can trust the news, case studies, white papers, and other information coming from this source.

  21. The Contractor Coaching Partnership

    Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc. is all about educating and training the contractor who services the residential homeowner market. This company provides coaching services, business training, and helps contractors develop systems that continue to help owners in this industry become more profitable and successful.

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