Managing Stakeholder Expectations

The overarching goals of every project manager is to deliver a quality project, to the specified scope, on time, and within budget. Throughout my career I have heard many folks in my profession espouse that achieving all three is difficult and one must be sacrificed to achieve the other two. Arguments for and against this […]

Certification Qualifications Enhance Market Value

I often peruse the job postings for Construction Managers to get a feel for the state of the construction industry. The job descriptions offer me clues as to the type of construction that is prevalent and the geographic locations with active projects. I also pay attention to the qualifications employers are looking for, particularly specific […]

Aligning Coursework, Personal Interests, and Economic Forecasts.

When I enrolled in the Construction Management program at my local university in the late 80’s there were not many construction management programs offered in the country, let alone locally. Today there more than 150 schools that offer degrees in Construction Management and the number is growing. Bachelor degrees are the most prominent offerings, although […]

The Diversity of a Career in Construction or Project Management

My name is Michael Chadukiewicz and starting today I will be blogging about my construction and project management experiences. I have a construction and telecommunications background and building a datacenter from the ground up is my idea of the ultimate project. I also consider myself an expert in school construction and have a fair amount […]

15 Tips For New Managers

A construction manager is a much more diverse position than your everyday corporate office manager. Yes, a bachelor’s degree is typically required for both, and that education helps prepare you for your new role. However even with that preparation, your first time as a construction manager can feel both exciting and terrifying at the same […]

The Language of Construction Management

Alright, alright, I know what you’re thinking. No, this is not going to be a post about the cliche, catcalling construction worker with a NSFW vocabulary. Instead, consider this an introduction to the subtle and varied language of construction management. As a manager, you’ll need to know all of these codes and keywords. Construction projects […]

10 Hot Careers in Construction

If you enjoy working in fast-paced, team-oriented environment, construction management may be a field worth considering. Construction management is a field with a variety of job opportunities and experiences. From laborer jobs to management and supervisory roles, this industry needs qualified professionals to assist with the design, development, and management of construction processes.

Top 30 Job Sites for Commercial Construction

Whether you are a construction student or someone who has worked in the industry for years, finding a job can sometimes be one of the most challenging aspects of the commercial construction field. Only a few years ago, candidates were forced to send out paper resumes and keep their fingers crossed for an answer. Now […]

30 Incredible iPhone and iPad Apps for Contractors and Home Renovators

You don’t have to be a construction manager or even hold a degree in construction management to come across a contracting, renovation, or DIY project. However, it can be overwhelming as many projects require a particular set of skills or at least a basic knowledge of home repair. As a result, it is no surprise […]

Top 19 Stunning Construction Infographics

Construction management can include projects from home construction and remodeling to larger commercial properties, and even large and sometimes famous monuments. Aside from learning how to make your construction project more green or how to make it more resistant to earthquakes, there are other interesting facts that you can learn about construction through the use […]