Top 50 Green Construction Blogs

For years now, all things green have been in the spotlight in regards to everything from politics to food. The construction industry is no exception with new homes, buildings, skyscrapers, and even renovations all being done with the most sustainable designs and lowest impact in mind. In the same spirit of innovation, there are loads of blogs out there for those interested.

To help keep the time spent Googling as low as carbon emissions, we have collected the top green construction blogs. Written by everyone from government officials to individuals building their own dream green home, they have loads to offer on tips, planning, what to expect, LEED certification, and much more.

Top Green Architecture Blogs

  1. Inhabitat
    This blog’s tagline is “green design will save the world.” A group of bloggers discuss everything on green design from architecture to landscaping and even fashion. Visit to read the latest, watch a video, or get tips for your own green design.
  2. Architecture for Humanity
    Visit here to get a sort of Architects Without Borders organization. Both completed and planned projects are featured, along with how you can get involved. A recent post was on efforts in Haiti.
  3. BLDG Blog
    Geoff Manaugh is from Los Angeles and writes about architectural conjecture, urban speculation, and landscape features. With a book of the same name, he often ponders the current and future course of architecture. A recent entry was on the future of food.
  4. Archinect
    This blog has been making architecture more connected since 1997. Sections include news, jobs, an image gallery, and even a school blog project. There are also fresh discussions on many things green and architect related.
  5. Green Home Design Architect
    All things green related to sustainable architecture are discussed here. This includes design, sustainability, materials, and much more. Jeremy Bonin is a principal architect at a firm with licenses in many states and often discusses his work.
  6. Earth Architecture
    According to this blog’s estimates, an estimated half of the world’s population lives or works in buildings constructed of earth. Ronald Rael provides a history of that building as well as its real world applications. New homes, education, and training in the field are often the topic of posts.
  7. SAB Magazine
    Click here for the official blog of “Sustainable Architecture and Building” magazine. Sections include articles, news, events, and even a green community. A recent entry was on how improved performance equals reduced costs.
  8. Locus Architecture Blog
    The art of sustainability is the focus of this blog. A standout feature is the calculators that tally all sorts of environmental and architectural equations. The design of everything from communities to furniture is often a topic of posts.

Top Green Home Construction Blogs

  1. Tiny House Design
    Because “less is more sustainable” check out this blog. Must reads include free plans, how to build, locating land, and much more. You can also find many other related resources such as projects and kits/prefab.
  2. Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture
    Kelly Hart has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life. In his blog, he discusses sustainable architecture and revives traditional methods of home building. Solar electricity, greenhouses, and geothermal heat are the topics of recent posts.
  3. Green Labron
    Visit this blog to get the real life experiences of building a green home. Green living for both outside and inside the home is often the topic of posts. Updates on the home are a must read.
  4. Jetson Green
    Visit here for a daily updated site devoted to green innovation primarily in the residential context. They publish case studies, product profiles, book reviews, news updates, and opinion articles. They even have blog posts by type from condominiums to town houses.
  5. Casa Verde Bela Vista
    Like others on this list, this family is designing a green home. Located near Austin, they stand out for keeping a budget in mind, as well as other green priorities. They recently reached a net zero month and discuss further.
  6. Pruned
    Because the outside of a home can also be green, visit this blog. A popular landscaper discusses how to green the outside of a home or any building. Items of interest are also blogged on.

Top Local Green Construction Blogs

  1. Re:Vision – Dallas
    This blog’s tagline is “the future of cities starts now… one block at a time.” See how this is being done from Dallas, Texas in this blog. A recent entry was on Forwarding Dallas.
  2. DJC Green Building Blog
    Katie Zemtseff is the blogger at the Daily Journal of Commerce Green Building Blog. Her focus is on green building issues in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. Related subjects such as cars, engineering, washing, and more are featured.
  3. gbNYC
    Green building and real estate in New York are what this blog centers around. Hosted by a real estate brokerage and consulting firm, they often feature the latest in urban green living. Popular entries on the blog include preservation efforts and green retail development.
  4. Pacha Mama House
    Visit here for the true life story of a couple building their dream green home in Florida. Loads of images of the home and local wildlife are often featured. A recent post was on how they were making their décor more green.
  5. Metal Roofing
    You don’t have to live in New England to get the benefits of metal roofing, but it doesn’t hurt. This construction company designs and installs metal roofing, as well as keeps a blog on why and how to do it. They can also connect you to a free estimate, prices, and other roofing contractors.
  6. Green Team Houston
    Click here to get a blog that focuses on research and design benefiting the Texas Gulf Coast. It also has a host of resources for locals who want to go green. A recent post was on an oil cleaning robot army.
  7. Building Seattle Green
    This is part of the blogging community at Seattle PI. A collective of professionals writes about green building and related technologies. You can also find loads of other blogs for locals.
  8. Green Bean Chicago
    Visit here to get information on built, in-progress, and planned green building projects in the Chicago area. Reviews for current projects are often the topic of posts. You can also search for entries on categories such as government, industrial, office, and residential.
  9. Green Building Law Update
    See how green building is done in the law making capital of the nation: Washington D.C. Codes and regulations, legal developments, and trends are all topics of choice. One of the latest posts was on government refusing to pay for LEED.

Top Green Construction Blogs by an Individual

  1. Fairsnape
    Stop here for built environment news, views, and comments. Martin Brown is an advocate for built environment through improvement, resilience, and sustainability. A recent post took on the topic of carbon reduction.
  2. The Sustainable Line
    Andrew Michler is a sustainable and adaptive building consultant. In addition to green construction, he also is an expert on off-the-grid living. Visit to see how and get tips.
  3. The Green Light
    Although primarily with green construction for Connecticut in mind, the blogger features many useful reads. The green business is often concentrated on with everything from programs to attitudes being shared. Recent posts are on a Supreme Court decision and electric vehicles.
  4. Clean Air Through Green Roofs
    Visit to get a blog dedicated to the green roof, better air quality, and air pollution prevention. They believe that green roofs appear to be the most cost-effective solution to control urban air pollution and help manage storm water run-off. Green roofs in the news are usually the topic of posts.
  5. Green Goddess
    Tanya Stock is Principal of Vida Verde. She works towards educating, informing, and learning more about ways to build green and share with others. She also knows LEED certification and what it is like to be a woman in the green construction industry.
  6. Real Life LEED
    Stop here to get another blog by someone who knows all about LEED certification. The blogger used this as a way to fill the void of knowledge about all the things that can make the LEED process frustrating. Many inside tips and expert opinions are featured.
  7. Stuff From Denman Island
    Dave took his quest for green construction to brand new levels. From Canada, he embarked on a quest to build a green home while living in harmony with nature. Visit for images, updates, and more.

Top Green Construction Blogs by a Group

  1. Greener Buildings
    Part of Green Biz, they focus on the construction and building side. The latest news and research are often written about. You can also get blogs for green computing, design, intelligence, and climate change.
  2. Green Building Insider
    Click here for highly specialized industry news on the rapidly expanding green building marketplace. This includes information on energy efficiency, certifications, case studies, technologies, reports, legislation, international happenings, and even competitions. They recently wrote about the expected rise in green construction.
  3. Building Green
    This website is a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about green construction. They have items for learning, CSI divisions, LEED credits, and even green products. The blogs here often include expert opinions on the industry.
  4. Green Building Talk
    Visit here for one of the largest and most active forums on green building. A community of bloggers write on everything from residential to building construction with a green frame of mind. Green construction professionals can also find other tools for them.
  5. Greenfab
    Seattle-based Greenfab has been sharing stories on a broad range of topics related to sustainability since 2008. Dedicated to inspiring people about what it means to live a more sustainable lifestyle, they offer an online community and forum for anyone interested in learning about things that can make our planet healthier. Choose from a section especially for building and design or one of the many other green topics.
  6. Greenversations
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency keeps a detailed blog about all things green. In addition to employees, the occasional expert guest blogger stops by to post. There is even a section for frequently asked questions.
  7. Campus Green Builder
    Get green construction information for the academic and educational sectors here. News, events, campus projects, and more are all discussed. There is also an online community with more.
  8. iGreenBuild Blog
    An author and professional engineer collaborate on this green building blog. Topics discussed include green building, sustainable design, innovative materials, and environmental issues. A recent entry shared Colin Powell’s thoughts on the industry.
  9. Treehugger
    This is a popular blog for all things green. With a special section for design and architecture, you can get just the construction related stories here. There are also options for cars, science, culture, and much more.
  10. LPA Blog
    With over 45 years of experience in the green construction industry, this blog is worth a look. They advocate the message that sustainable design can be achieved on any project, budget, building type, and location. Visit to get the latest news and information.
  11. Environmental Building Strategies
    The tagline for this group of bloggers is “optimizing the value of sustainability.” Sections include commissioning, energy, LEED, and renewable energy, as well as green building. Green construction in the news is often the topic of posts.

Top Specialty Green Construction Blogs

  1. Re-nest
    Now that you have a green home, learn how to decorate and design the inside with the help of this blog. They feature actual house tours and even show the top ones on the homepage. Popular posts are on a bamboo chop block and 15 before and after projects.
  2. Shed Working
    Learn how a shed in your yard can serve all sorts of green purposes in this blog. It is especially useful for those who use sheds as garden offices or workspaces. They also have many useful and related links.
  3. Greenroofs
    Stop here for a virtual resource portal to green roofing. In addition to a project of the week, there are also related videos to watch. There are also options for students and job seekers.
  4. The Green Workplace
    Leigh Stringer keeps a blog on the white collar aspects of going green. Tips, facts, and more are regularly are discussed. A recent entry was on Ecolabels and certifications.
  5. Green Real Estate Law
    As with everything else, there are a ton of laws involving the green construction field. Stephen Del Percio is part of a law firm that discusses this law in detail. Check it out to get items such as green building litigation and construction contracts.

If the above green construction blogs have inspired you to stop reading and start building, start the journey with a visit to the U.S. Green Building Council. They offer everything you need to know about building and certifying a green project. Choose from LEED, education, resources, or even find a chapter in your area on the site.

This post was updated December 22, 2014 to remove forums that no longer exist. Links to inactive blogs remain as a resource for the future.